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How the New Apostolic Reformation Movement Affected My Son -Part 3

If you haven't read my first two blogs on this subject to get caught up here are the links. Part 1 and Part 2.

I don't even know where to start.  I've shed many, many tears over what happened to my son.  I can't 100% blame the NAR movement on my son but a GOOD 90% I can.  Is the title exaggerated?  It it putting full blame on them?  Here is the first part to Chaz's story.

When we first went to the House Fire Ministries bible study what really made it stand out was the prophesies.  I mean, anyone you invited would get a prophesy, it didn't matter if you brought 10 people.  Most of everyone would walk out with one.  Well, that's neat because in my 40 year lifetime I had maybe received 5.  One of them saved my life because it was a warning.  But I could get 5 within one night.  That was pretty cool.  I can't judge whether or not those prophesies were from God but the story continues.  Chaz also got prophesies that night about what a tender heart for God he has and that he is gonna travel the world.  How God is really gonna use him.  Both of our words went on for quite awhile and we left super excited about what God was gonna do.

Chaz's Word

When we went home I couldn't wait to tell my husband everything Chaz and I were told.  In my prophesy I was told God is going to use our whole family for ministry.  Well, cool.  I've always wanted that.  I do foster care.  I have 9 kids of my own and we are about to adopt 4.   My dream has always been to help children somehow. God could use our whole family?  Yes!  Even better.  I loved my current church and this felt like my life was gonna go from a crawling pace to running.  It got me excited.

A week later my husband went while I was at work and took the rest of the kids.  Everyone got a word again.  But you know, there were "some" accurate words of knowledge and some were iffy. My husband left really encouraged and we decided that we were going to go regularly.  I asked my job if I could get Friday nights off and to my surprise they approved it!  Since we had such a large family we would alternate who went till eventually we decided to go all together.  I did notice that all the kids there made Sumi very nervous and I don't blame her because the kids almost outnumbered the adults.
Prophetic Uno by Bethal Church
I invited my best friends to come and they brought their kids.  They all got words too!  This was turning into a regular thing.  Long praise and worship, short bible study series, and then long prayer service.  It would easily go 3 hours.  Sometimes even 4 hours.  As the bible study grew, my kids started to play roles in helping out. Chaz helped with prayer but what they didn't know is Chaz had already been a teen that gave words of knowledge.  He had always been very sensitive and a heart after Christ.  Chaz would always pray for people and was on the prayer team at church.  He was a prayer warrior!  Unfortunately, Chaz is also a teen with high functioning autism and can be a bit gullible.  One time I mentioned to Sumi that I loved how Chaz would be able to pray for others like that and Sumi said, "yes, because we activated his gift."  What?  I stopped for a second because I had never heard that phrase before.  I didn't feel like Chaz had anything "activated" because he already gave words of knowledge before and was such an encourager.  In fact, being in this movement taught me a whole new terminology like "birthing, activating, impartation, equipping, ect."

"activating your faith"
After Chaz was prayed for that night I noticed he started getting confused.  Before, he didn't give words left and right.  He would pray for people that were on his heart and sometimes would understand what they're going through because God showed him, but it wasn't allllll the time. After being prayed for at the bible study I noticed the confusion he started to experience and was even giving inaccurate words people.  He started to hear other voices that weren't there before.  My sweet Chaz would get embarrassed because he would say something completely off.  We shrugged it off because Tony would tell him that God was just "fine tuning" his gifting.  

In February Tony and Sumi told us about one of their favorite preachers.  His name was Nathan Morris and he was having a revival at Fresh Start Church.  We trusted our bible study leaders so we went.  Sumi even told us that we needed to come early because people will RUSH, even run to their seats to be up front.  I though that was odd but just figured people were so excited to hear from God.  I was pretty sure I could hear from God anywhere in the sanctuary so we settled for the middle-back. The song service rocked pretty loud and people were dancing and jumping everywhere.  I had never seen anything like it.  

We sat down to listen to Nathan Morris and to our surprise it was Lydia S Marrow.  I had grew up knowing what the bible says about women preaching but Sumi assured me that night that the bible doesn't mean it literally, that women should preach.  So I sat down and listened to all her funny stories and thoughts on life.  I didn't really get much out of it. We figured we'd come back the next night to hear Nathan Morris. 

The next night and I believe the night after we went to hear Nathan Morris.  He told many stories about being saved out of the Brownsville Revival back in the 90's.  UH OH.  My stomach dropped.  I very much know what that revival was all about and it wasn't good at all.  But hey, I kept listening but that was a red flag.  He told many stories about himself and all the amazing things God is doing.  On the last night Sumi said he was gonna do an impartation line and everyone in the church, including the kids in nursery, was gonna go through it. What the heck was that?  I had no idea.  I just trusted Tony and Sumi and went through it.  A looooooong line was formed and people were eager.  In fact, the only way I can describe it is by showing you myself. This is the exact night and we went through this line.....Okay, while going to get this video, just watching it for a few seconds to get it ready to show you, I had the worst feeling in my body.  I began to slightly shake watching it.  But I want you to see. This is his entire sermon that night but if you want to see what an impartation is start at 1:20:20. He doesn't really pray, he just lays hands on people and they fall.  He blew a very small amount on my husband yet my husband felt strong wind go up his nose and down his throat.  He had his eyes closed so he thought it was done on purpose.  I had to tell him he just did a tiny breath on him so that was something else he felt.  

Start at 1:20:20 to see impartations

This is the night things went from strange to worse for my 18 year old son Chaz.  As we were on our way home Chaz exclaimed loudly that he could FORM A FIREBALL in his hands.  I looked at him strangely and thought that was odd until I heard Kaylene and him talking, Chaz showing her his trick, and her exclaiming that she felt it.  She was freaking out and excited.  Hmmmm, I had never heard of this before and it sound pretty cool.  He could do this on demand.  How come Chaz can do all the cool stuff?  He did this alllll the way home and could hardly sleep.  Now Chaz could touch people and they felt things but it's hard to explain.  

(I'm actually having a very hard time writing right now after briefly watching that Nathan Morris video.  I became shaky and foggy.)

It was now March and we had started the opening for House Fire Ministries.  The grand opening started out with Dennis Reanier for two services.  After he preached he gave prophesy after prophesy and also prayed over Chaz.  Immediately after this opening everything fell flat.  Once the bible study (that they now called a church) was in a building, it felt flat.  Almost void of anything.  We went through the motions but I noticed my family was all of a sudden going through some strange battles and Chaz was having strange "abilities."  I came to Sumi with concerns over new battles we were up against and she said not to worry, the devil was just mad.  Well, yeah. That's true, I figured so I went on for another week or so.  However, on the Friday before the last one we attended I finally sat in one of the services and I just felt odd in the service, it was hard to understand the message.  It didn't feel in depth at all and I was noticing a lot of sermons were about experience and what God was gonna do.  I noticed later on my son had walked out and so I followed.  I went outside and Chaz was sitting in the front silently with a strange look on his face.  He did not look okay. I asked him if he was okay and he very hesitantly said, "........yes."  I wouldn't find out till later what actually happened.

He said he had walked out of the church because it didn't feel right at all and he went outside to get some fresh air. He asked God to show him things the way they really were.  To open his eyes.  He turned around to face the building and he saw a huge demon hovering over the top.  It completely and utterly SHOCKED him to the core.  Later I found out this traumatized him and it was only the beginning of what was to come......


  1. Thank you for sharing this. People have to hear the truth. Bless you.

  2. Can’t wait to read the rest of the story. This is sadly so true in many churches.

  3. WOW!
    God opened my eyes about Bethel while I was there the same way he opened Chaz' eyes.
    I prayed and asked Him to show me the truth!
    He did!

  4. If by any chance you will read my comment, please share your story. Thanks a lot!


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