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Why Do Christians Still Seek Signs and Wonders?

Wow, I just want to say I'm amazed by the response I've gotten since writing about out involvement with the NAR movement.  If you haven't read it yet, here are all the links.  So far it's reached almost 9,000 people and it makes my heart happy to know that many were warned but also makes me sad because many of them shared with me the heartache and damage it also did to their families.  I'm still getting messages to this day how many it has hurt and affected.  Even more frustrating, the one common thing I'm hearing is this spirit behind it causes depression, anxiety, and even severe panic attacks!  Well, I'm sick and tired of satan (little "s") having a field day on my home so this is how I'm fighting back.  Exposing his LIES.

Another website picked up my story HERE.

Man, can I be honest?  One day my foster daughter walked in the room and said, "Ever since we left NAR movement, the house has just been sad."  She's right. It's like a cloud settled over our home.  A cloud of oppression.  We walk around the house, we pray, we declare righteousness, peace.  We rebuke satan when he tries to come back around and settle in. We fight in prayer every day, send curses back to hell that are spoken against us by well meaning Christians.  But it's just hard to shake.  With all of my heart I wish I had never, ever accepted the invitation to visit a bible study 45 minutes away.  1 year later and this is where we are.  Chaz and I really try and study The Word of God and we read books to help us understand. 

It is absolutely heartbreaking that deception is infiltrating the church on such a large scale. I fell for it and I'm discouraged I did but at the same time grateful God opened my eyes.  But why didn't I see it coming?  This kind of deception isn't just fooling people, it's HURTING PEOPLE'S faith.  That's NOT funny and it makes me upset.  What a scam SATAN is running.  His tricks are old but he tries them in different ways.

This is the time to WAKE UP.  People needing to see signs and wonders goes way, way, way back and is seen not only in Catholicism (idolatry), many other religions, but in Christianity with signs and wonders.  It's our way of once again having Jesus prove Himself but He already did!  I don't need evidence of angels around me to prove Jesus still does miracles.  I don't need gold dust blown through the vents of a church to know that He's real. I don't need my chakras open to understand that we are fighting a spiritual warfare.  

My son Chaz had his chakras opened and could SEE FROM HIS THIRD EYE.  This NAR deception is real, guys, and not to be messed with.  Chaz has since been delivered from this but it wasn't fun to see the stuff he saw through that. This DID NOT happen till the impartation was done by Nathan Morris at Fresh Start Church.  Do NOT ever attend an impartation or a fire line in any way for any reason.  

Why do so many people seek after signs and wonders?

It's exciting, right?  I remember Sumi (pastor of House Fire bible study turned church) being able to basically read into other people's lives.  If we're not careful, this is where we can fall into a trap.  Do you remember this story in the bible?

16One day as we were going down to the place of prayer, we met a slave girl who had a spirit that enabled her to tell the future. She earned a lot of money for her masters by telling fortunes. 17She followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, and they have come to tell you how to be saved.”
18This went on day after day until Paul got so exasperated that he turned and said to the demon within her, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And instantly it left her.
19Her masters’ hopes of wealth were now shattered, so they grabbed Paul and Silas and dragged them before the authorities at the marketplace. -Acts 16:16-19

Just because someone can tell you a little about your past doesn't mean it's of God.  Satan can do this too.  What happens when someone is not only able to tell you your past but speak into your future?  What bad can possibly come of this?  A LOT.  Having a false spirit try to tell me my future can completely and totally lead me off the path God has for me.  The classic story about the fork in the road means I can be headed one way but, oops, this person told me I'm supposed to be going in this other direction.  Well, I'd better trust it because that was God speaking to me.  No, test the spirit!  Pray about it for awhile and seek God.  Ask Him to show you in other ways and confirm it in your heart.  Don't we tend to admire people that can suddenly hear from God at any moment and speak a word over you?  Yes.  That can make a regular bible study go from delving into God's word into seeking more signs and wonders.  To be honest, I was never asked to pick up my bible during those studies and there was VERY LITTLE bible study happening.  That, my friend, is a slippery slope.  Be CAREFUL.


  1. I left along time ago, back around 2oo1. The Lord just said, that's it, quite all ministry and come away. Well that lasted 15 years. I had moved to another province in Canada and attended a conference, I was hungry with fellowship and those that legitemitly move in the prophetic. Was not long till I was introduced to Bethel, which I hadn't heard of and the whole signs and wonders thing. Fortunately, saw the saw excesses, gold dust, angelic visitations, and everyone is wanting to be seen. Found a street ministry that reaches out to the addicted and poor. During the time I left I was a addictions counsellor through a real college, and helped the seniors. I never left the Lord, just read those of substance, and had a few friends that excited the NAR when I did. What is going on with these schools of supernatural is like the woman you describe caught in sorcery which Paul rebuked. Im 6o and fortunately know the Word. This next generation don't which leads then completely unprotected. I'm doing my best on social media to call it what it is, but naturally those following take offense. Its a cult really and secondly demonic. Not all but far too many drinking the cool aid. Just keep breaking off word curses and witchcraft because if your not "in" your "out" and labeled all kinds of things. Happy you saw the true light!!

  2. Should have said, Unfortunately saw the excesses, gold dust and everyone clamoring to be seen

  3. Virginia, the book you are reading might be good, but may I suggest looking to the Christian classics that focused upon Jesus Christ, His Cross, our sanctification, etc. When I was going through difficult times, spiritually, I found tremendous solace in some of the Puritan authors like Thomas Watson, John Bunyan, etc. My favorite of all is Andrew Murray's "Abide in Christ." God has really spoken through that book (written in 1865). (You won't be disappointed.)

  4. This is a comment from Maja Hill:
    If you have come out of demonic deception, you need to ask the LORD for forgiveness. An unintentional sin is still a sin. As 1 john 1 says, when God forgives us He cleanses us. Also, folks who came out of NAR or WoF and still have books or magazines or oils, etc. that come from those ministries, they should be destroyed (torn up or broken so no one else can bed defiled by them) for the home to be cleansed and rededicated to the LORD. Do these two things: ask forgiveness and remove all suspect objects before rededicating your home and lives to the LORD. That's the way to close the doors to darkness.

  5. We have been slowly finding stuff and tearing them up. Thank you for your comment.

  6. You've been dealing with the Kundalini spirit; which is the false holy spirit. It mimics the Holy Spirit. It sucks you in and then plays around with your mind/soul. You end up surrendering your will, emotions, soul, mind and heart to the devil. It's high in divination and witchcraft. I have a deliverance prayer for the Kundalini spirit. If you want to email me you can do so
    And I'll send it to you. It is a long prayer but very thorough.

  7. Actually here's the link.
    For the Kundalini spirit deliverance prayer.


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