Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Meet the Crew

I had a previous amazing blog called Meet Virginia but a hacker found it and had some fun with it. Very sad being I had it for a decade. But, that's okay because this time I want my blog to be real, honest. Not that I wasn't before, I just only pointed out the positives. The problem with that is this is real parenting and we live in a real world. People don't relate to perfection. They relate to raw life. That's what I want to be. Some days are GREAT and some days are BAD. I have 7 teens under one roof and this is hard to navigate. I know I'm inviting good advice and ugly criticism, but hey, that's a norm for social media these days, right?

BUT I'd love to introduce them to you. :D

Chaz 18

Ryan 17

Adriana 17

Kyle 15 

Kaylene 15

Ivy 13

Gabriel 13

Ashley 11

Joshua 10

Caleb 9

Juliet 7

Jaxon 4

Shayla 1

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