Thursday, June 6, 2019

Playing Musical Rooms....Again

Okay, so 13 kids means we move kids around in bedrooms.  A lot.  Lately, I have 2 teens that just don't mesh well together.  They get along great, but kind of feed off each other and tend to get attitudes when together. Well, one of them is gone at camp so I've noticed a change for the better in the other one.  Hmmmm... Yep, we're gonna switch some kids around. Sigh.  Usually this means moving furniture but thankfully not this time.

We had a 5th bedroom built on 2 years ago.  Otherwise, we'd be in hot water.  When doing foster care there are rules and you have to have it documented which kids are in which rooms. I'm sure my licensing worker is gonna love me for switching kids yet again.

Master: Mom, dad, baby
Room 1 (small room): 2 girls
Room 2: 3 girls
Room 3: 4 boys
Room 4 (small room): 2 boys
Converted garage: 18 year old boy

Yay, so while we move rooms we're gonna do a red carpet treatment.  We used to have a red carpet in the living room and so we'd empty out an entire room onto the carpet.  Put back what we want.  Donate the rest.  It makes it super simple.  This is how you find hidden things and realize how much clutter you really had.

Yeah well, whenever I empty out my bedroom thinking its a hoarder's mess, I realize 90% of it is my kids dumping their stuff in my room.  The younger kids, that is.  Makes me feel a tad better because I'm messy by nature.  The youngest in my family growing up and my older sisters would do all the work. That left me being a tad untrained.  It's not my parents fault, I was just LAZY and the baby.  So now, I make sure the little ones don't get away with laziness.  And oh man, they try!  They're full of tricks and they're trying to mess with the wrong one.  Can't trick a master.  Haha.  

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