Thursday, October 3, 2019

Large Family Laundry Problems

Guess what?  I created my blog to be a family blog about managing a large family.  So enough of the crazy false doctrine stuff.  

Not everyone in the pic but us having dinner together

What's crazy is a large family laundry problem.  We actually have a schedule of who does laundry on what day.  It goes something like this.

Sunday: Kaylene & Joshua
Monday: Chaz & Ashley
Tuesday: Ryan & Caleb
Wednesday: Charles, Virginia, Shayla
Thursday: Kyle & Jaxon
Friday: Ivy & Juliet
Saturday: Adriana & Gabriel

Why do we do a laundry schedule?  Well, it eliminates fighting over the machine from kids procrastinating and doing their laundry the last possible minute.  Many times I've seen this and almost always they do it late at night the night before school and on someone else's laundry day.

The second problem that comes with a large family and laundry is someone will come along, open the dryer to transfer their wet clothes, dump whoever's clothes are in it to put their stuff in.  Then no one comes to claim this. After a few days, this is what you get...

As you can see by the picture, if 15 people do this, this is what comes of it quickly.  Well, after a month of asking people to look for their clothes and claim it no one responded.  So I took care of it like a laundry hitman... 

Boom.  That's how it's done.  Someone else got blessed by it and no, I'm not replacing it.  Obviously, if they didn't want to come and get it they didn't need it.  It's a win-win for me because we decluttered.  After I took that picture I added 3 more bags.  Those are 39 gallon bags!

What's the big deal about kids doing laundry on days they aren't assigned if no one is using the machines?  All of the above.  If I have the kids wait and only do it on their day, I can easily know who left their stuff in there so they can clean it up.  I'm trying to not have to clean up after the kids own messes.  I don't think I'm helping them in life by rescuing them in taking care of themselves.  No kids do their own laundry under the age of 10.  If they are under 10, their assigned buddy does it for them and it shows in the laundry schedule.  Kyle & Jaxon are buddies and Ivy & Juliet are buddies.  ;)

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