Friday, June 7, 2019

Shoe Rotation for Large Families

Okay, so going to buy shoes or make purchases of any kind with a large family can be a huge deal.  It's not normal to have a group of 15 people walking through a store so we get a lot of stares.  I dislike feeling like a circus but we've gotten to the point where we don't care. We're a big ball of people walking by with a lot of noise.

But this week we have some teens gone at camp so there were only 9 of us.  It felt so much smaller so we went to the mall and completed our shoe month adventure. So, we have this rotation schedule where every month 2 people get a new pair of shoes and we have a written schedule to know who is next.  This month was Ashley and Caleb but then we remembered that we forgot to get Joshua's and Charles need a pair of sneakers and work shoes.  To top it off I lost my shoes for working out!  Argh. So 2 pairs of shoes turned into 6 pairs.

We have to add fun by heading upstairs for a fun place and having super yummy chicken tenders.  Jaxon was SUPER MAD he had to be in the double stroller the whole time. He's FOUR years old and says he's ready to walk around.  Ha!  Too many little and crazy kidnappers these days.  I'm not taking my chances anymore, I don't care what anyone thinks.

But ohhhhhhh, toddlers and malls aren't fun.  Yikes.

You know, I was excited to come and watch Secret Life of Pets 2 but then, by 8pm I got SUPER tired.  That is so ridiculous.  So I sent this crew to watch a movie so I could go sleepy at home. Haha. Man, major wimp.  I am turning 40 next week!  Wow!  Can you believe it?  Hard to imagine that life passes sooooooo fast.  I'm super excited I made it to midlife.  :D

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