Saturday, June 22, 2019

Studying Before Our Trip to Guatemala

So this next week 6 of the kids and I are taking a trip to Guatemala to visit Kids N Missions and serve.  It's a neat place and our church has been there many times.  My two oldest sons went 2 years ago. This time were taking a small crew of us.  7 total along with the church group.  Which is great for safety reasons. There is a lot I have to learn about keeping safe and what not to eat or drink.

I've been studying things on the internet to prepare myself and came upon this website that talks about natural phenomena that happens. I remember when my boys went, they were waiting of the volcano to erupt.  Here is more info from a website about the kinds of the things that can happen.


"Natural phenomenon are relatively commonplace in Guatemala.

My son took a picture of this while there
Volcanoes erupt daily, earthquakes happen regularly. Hurricanes hit the east coast. El Niño visits the west. Rainy season (May through October) occupies half the year, with the early part causing some questionable runoff.

It’s unlikely a major disaster will befall you. But the weather forecast is not a horrible thing to stay caught up on, just in case." From this Website.

Okay, so then I was studying exchange rate.  This is such a good lesson for the kids and I printed something out for them.  A quick chart to bring with them.  Just in case they try to buy too quickly and get shorted.  :)

Us Dollar vs Guatemala Money

US $1 = 7.68 Guatemala
US $2 = 15.36
US $3= 23.04
US $4 = 30.72
US $5 = 38.40
Us $6 = 46.08
US $7 = 53.76
US $8 = 61.44
US $9 = 69.12
US $10 = 76.80

Well, this year may be a bit different because my son Chaz was injured about 6 months after this photo was taken.  He's in and out of a wheelchair.  As you can see in the last picture, he can't bring a wheelchair so we are totally putting our trust in God that this is going to work out.  Chaz would be heartbroken if he had to stay home. :(

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