Sunday, June 23, 2019

Letter to Husband While Wifey Is Away On Mission Trip

What do you think?  I left out a note for hubby being I am taking 6 kids and teens and he is staying home with 7.  He doesn't cook so meals will be bachelor style.  

Chaz excited for Guatemala

INFO While Wifey is away

Yeah, go ahead.  Party hardy. :D  But seriously though, some really important things.

The chickens are ALMOST out of water.

So are the dogs and cats

The litter box needs some poopy removed

The chickens may need food in a few days filled up in their thingy

Shayla cannot eat peanut butter.  Only jelly with a folded over bread

She has a bottle in the morning, for nap, and at night.

I chop her food up super small.  She loves ramen, macaroni, scrambled eggs with ketchup.  Basically anything that doesn’t kill her.

Please water the plants every day. I love my tomatoes especially.

The chickens water has to be checked every morning, no joke. Sometimes the water thing doesn’t work right.

The cats and dogs are currently out of food

I literally had no time to take care of any of this.  My apologies.  I’m gonna go on a mission trip and a trip to Fry’s is just too hard right now.  Hope you understand.

One of the boys has trauma therapy on either Monday or Friday. Can’t remember which one so just listen out for a doorbell sound and a waiting taxi.

Watch out for kids that cook being little kids are running around. Also, watch out for kids that leave mop water or bathtub water sitting around.  

Thank you, I love you.  :D

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