Wednesday, July 10, 2019

1st Day in Guatemala- Kids N Missions

Ready to leave on first stop to Houston, Texas
Wow, the trip to Guatemala was amazing.  I don't even know how to start.  I guess the best way is to describe each day. I made albums because there were so many beautiful events and things to capture.

Full album of first day traveling into Antigua, Guatemala.

Flying into Guatemala, the first thing I noticed was all the houses clumped together.  In America there are squares for housing.  You know, housing and property.  Clear definitions. It's best if I show from my view on airplane while flying in.... You can click on the picture for larger view.

Flying into Guatemala
I had butterflies when I flew in. I had 5 of my kids with me.  Was supposed to be 6 but Chaz had medical complications literally all the way up to flight time and he had to be taken back home.  :(  I sobbed on the airplane having to leave behind my boy.  He's 18 and all he cares about is missions.  He wants it to be his whole life.  Just serving others.  So my heart broke and I embarrassingly cried very hard during takeoff.  Once I got into Houston, Texas and on my way to Guatemala I shifted my focus to the needs we were about to face.  What would I see?

My group we traveled with waiting for our bus in Guatemala

I couldn't wait to meet Elton and Gail Wells, the folks who run Kids N Missions in Guatemala.  While we waited and waited outside, we found out the police had put a boot on the bus so we stood around and talked.  Observed our surroundings.

Waiting for bus in Guatemala

We finally get on the bus and have the scariest ride of our lives.  Haha.  No joke!  In Guatemala, pedestrians have to watch out.  Not the other way around.  Also, we would go through very small streets and buses and cars would squeeze by.  We weren't slowly going through these pedestrian small streets, we were going FAST.  This guy must've been the worlds best driver because I eventually had to close my eyes.  Here is a picture that gives an idea of house little space is left on the road.

Remember, we're not driving slow at all.  So it was a scary ride. We finally get to the facility where we were staying and to my relief, it was as safe place.  AND HUGE with high walls.  It was breathtakingly beautiful. I can show picture but it doesn't give it justice.  There are 3 floors.  The bottom has the kitchen and dining room areas.  The second floor had the bedrooms. Then the top was the terrace.  Wow...
Kids N Missions

Kaylene enjoying top view of Kids N Missions

Ashley (left) with friend Jade
We were tired but excited to see what amazing people run the facility and get orientation to know what is expected of us.  There were girl dorms and boy dorms and we were expected to stay out of the opposite sex rooms.  That rule went for even the people that live there.  We were given our hefty schedule.  It wasn't a vacation.  It was a missions trip.

Let's go!

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